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Visco Dem Springless Visco Mattress

Visco Dem Springless Visco Mattress

Product features

  •  Washable zippered cover
  • Cotton knit fabric outer surface coating
  • 150 Gr Terhmobond Fiber
  • Interlining sheath
  • 7 cm Visco plate sponge (60-75 DNS)
  • 14 cm 30DNS Soft Sponge plate  (Optional 12 cm/10 cm can be used.)
  • Bed height: 22 cm
  • Optional special model application is made.
  • Dimensions: From R: 180 cm to -R: 230 cm.
  • Our bed one piece  
  • Care and Usage Instructions

    You can use the product on the bed or platform.

    Do not use with a base base smaller than the product size .

    Our product comes disassembled. Installation and connection system is provided with a slide, plug-in system.


    • Do not use cotton cloth to clean or wipe your product.

    • Do not use strong dye-dissolving cleaning materials such as bleach and detergent, machines and tools that may damage the product such as carpet washing machine and hard brush for cleaning your product.

    • Perform cleaning operations by wiping with warm and soapy water. It is recommended that the wiping process be done according to the weaving direction of the fabric and without pressing.

    • Products should not be exposed to sunlight.

    • Fabric, spring and sponge are used as basic material in our beds. These materials are brought together with different technologies and presented to you as a mattress.

    • In order not to damage the washable mattress pads, wash the single pads (maximum 120x200 size) in a washing machine with a minimum weight of 7 kg, and the double mattress pads in a washing machine with a minimum weight of 9 kg, using a washing net.

    Thank you for choosing KOCE mattresses and we wish you to enjoy your product in good times.

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