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KC-225 Era Round Bed Set

KC-225 Era Round Bed Set

A privileged product with Chester quilting application. Icon, velvet fabric options.
PRODUCT SIZE:Inner Bed R200cm E:230cm B:235cm Inner Bed:R210cm E:240cm B:245cm Inner H:R:220cm E:250cm B:255cm

  • Product Care and Usage Instruction

    Our valued customer; We congratulate you for the right choice you have made and thank you for your trust in us.

    We are trying to offer you different, modern and safe products.

    Our aim is to maintain your friendship with KOCE product for many years and to get the maximum benefit from our products. For this reason, we recommend that you carefully read this entire manual and keep it before you start using the product.

    • Never use your bed with a bed or frame that is smaller than its size. 

    • If you have not purchased a plinth, use it on flat, one-piece, hard and dry floors.

    • If you are using a floor such as chipboard or duralite, make sure that the bottom of the bed can also breathe by opening holes in the floor at regular intervals.

    • Be careful not to bend your mattress while carrying it, and not to put any weight on it while keeping it in an upright position.

    • Prefer to use it with  Alez (Mattress Protector) or a sleeping pad to prevent your mattress from getting dirty, stained and dirt and bacteria on its surface. The use of mattresses or sleeping pads will also add an extra softness to your mattress.

    • Products should not be exposed to sunlight.

    • Fabric, spring and sponge are used as basic material in our beds. These materials are brought together with different technologies and presented to you as a mattress.

    Our product does not require any assembly. In case the goods are found to be defective, the consumer;

    a) Returning from the contract by declaring that he is ready to return the sold item, b) Demanding a discount from the sale price at the rate of defects by retaining the sold item, c) If it does not require an excessive expense, all expenses will be borne by the seller ç) If possible, requesting that the sold item be replaced with a non-defective one, may use one of the options. All kinds of complaints and objections can be made to consumer courts and consumer arbitration committees in case of problems with the seller, manufacturer, dealer or agency.


    • Do not use cotton cloth to clean or wipe your product.

    • Do not use strong dye-dissolving cleaning materials such as bleach and detergent, machines and tools that may damage the product such as carpet washing machine and hard brush for cleaning your product.

    • Perform cleaning operations by wiping with warm and soapy water. It is recommended that the wiping process be done according to the weaving direction of the fabric and without pressing.

    • In order not to damage the washable mattress pads, wash the single pads (maximum 120x200 size) in a washing machine with a minimum weight of 7 kg, and the double mattress pads in a washing machine with a minimum weight of 9 kg, using a washing net.

    • Due to the respect we show to the environment, our institution applies an Environmental Management System. The wastes generated during the life cycle of our product are within the scope of solid waste. At the end of its life cycle, you can dispose of your products as solid waste.

    Thank you for choosing KOCE mattresses and we wish you to enjoy your product in good times.

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