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KC-141 Karem S Modern Bedding Set

KC-141 Karem S Modern Bedding Set

Production is made with modern style, desired size and color options.
PRODUCT SIZE: Inner Bed: 150*200cm E:210cm-B:260cm / 160x200cm- E:220cm B:260cm Inner Bed:180*200 Width:240cm B:260cm. The desired size is made.


Japanese style beds are an ideal solution for those who prefer a floor mattress style product with a different visuality due to their closeness to the ground.

We offer you the modernized designs of the traditional mattress. We present our products to you with the slogan "Special solutions for individuals and places".

The desired fabric and leather application is made in product coatings.

The internal structure of the product consists of a profile iron skeleton. MDF is used on the upper surface, and sponge and fiber types are used, which differ according to the model on the upper layer of the flooring.

Although you can buy our products as a set, you can transform your bed into a round bed by taking the base without changing it.

***  The prices stated in our products are valid for sizes up to 160*200. Price difference is applied for 180*200 and above dimensions.

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